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Houston Drone Videos

Houston Drone Pilot services are based in Houston, Texas.  We are FAA 107 Licensed/Insured and provide professional High-Definition and Ultra-High Definition (4K), low-altitude drone videos and photos for all types of productions, including:

  • Houston Area Commercial and Industrial Real Estate w/drone flyovers (5 styles)
  • Resort and Golf Club Videos
  • Houston Area Luxury Real Estate
  • TV & Internet Video Productions/Commercials
  • Public Events & Sporting Events
  • Location Shooting
  • Construction and Industrial Aerial Reviews
  • Tower Reviews
  • Video Editing, Post, After-Effects, Graphics and Sound Editing Services

Our commercial specialties include:

  • Luxury Homes and Real Estate Developments
  • Yacht Manufacturers / Sales Brokers
  • Luxury Resorts, Hotels and Golf Courses
  • Advertising and Public Relations Agency Work

Houston Drone VideosOur Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are equipped with 1080P HD and UHD 4K video camera systems, gyro-stabilized, gimbaled camera mounting systems.

Our typical drone video shots include:

1. Tilt Reveal Shot – Tilt up from below to reveal the subject matter or tilt down

2. Overtake Shot – Flying forwards or backwards overtaking a person/place/thing of interest.

3. Coming into shot – Subject of interest coming into shot / revealed

4. Jib Shot – rising into view of subject like a crane or a jib

5. Birds eye view shot – a shot from 150′ to 200′ above the subject

Our Drone Pilots are FAA 107 Certified Pilots and provide expert video documentation of the shots and views you request.

Drone Video Marketing is now a less expensive option to hiring aerial video specialists using helicopters and airplanes. Drones pilots, in order to comply with FAA regulations, must take the 107 License test and pass with a 70. Additionally, these pilots must be accomplished drone operators and abide by all FAA regulations.

Many companies now offer drone video’s but, if used for commercial purposes, the pilots must now be FAA 107 certified (in recent past the FAA had the 333 Waiver) or the companies hiring the aerial services can be in violation of these regulations and be fined up to $11,000.00 per incident.

The National Realtors Association published this warning for Realtors using drone videos.

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